About Us

Remember Animals is all about educating people about the animal life of our planet both domestic and wild. We are focusing on the causes and conditions in which animals are living and what all types of animals are found in our ecosystem. We the team of Remember Animals are focused on providing our readers with the best possible content through articles which have useful facts and information about all types of animals.

Speaking about the experience we are new and are improving every day with a purpose to one day make remember animals your knowledge hub in terms of correct information about animals worldwide.

Our Aim – We are focusing on making people aware of the situations animals are facing in terms of habitat and their evolution in modern times. People need to be informed about the conditions animals are facing in terms of everything.

Our Motive – Is to make the best possible content available to our readers which are fully related to animals and how we can all come together to safeguard their lives and make this planet a better place to live for them.

The mind of Remember Animals

Martin Dass – He has completed his Masters in (Information & Technology) and has a 1-year experience in Digital Marketing. He is also an animal activist who has worked with animals right movement at the state level. It was in this time that he saw the poor conditions of animals around him & how fewer people actually know about all the animals around us. Today people are not taking animal life seriously but martin is fully devoted to making the masses aware of the concerned cause of animal life of our planet.

Currently, Remember Animals is growing and we need your love and support to achieve our goal. It will be a great help if you help us to grow and educate people about animals of our planet by sharing our articles anywhere you feel necessary.

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