Humans and Animals Relationship

Animals and Human Relationship

Understanding Animals and Human Relationship

All living beings are the creation of nature. All the organisms depend on each other to maintain proper balance in the environment. In this article, you will get to know how animals contribute not only to the environment but also learn about animals helping humans. 

They do not cross their limits until and unless anyone interrupts their territories. Animals are not always dangerous for humans rather many times it is observed that animals have saved human lives. Animals are also active participants in the food chain of the environment like humans. 

For eg, – our pets are always loyal to us, they are always ready to rescue our life. It’s an excellent example of ‘how animals benefit humans’. 

Animals are innocent, and they are happy in their habitat. We being the most intelligent living being of the planet should understand our responsibility of protecting the animals instead of exploiting them.

However, we use to reared animals for various benefits like cultivation, selling animal products, carriage purposes, etc. Raising animals is a trend from the very beginning. It creates an outstanding bond between humans & animals.  

How are animals helping humans?

Animals are not machines whom we can treat brutally to get our work done. They also have feelings, and they connect with us through emotions. Animals can understand the feelings of their master, even if they cannot speak.

Well, words are not mandatory to express emotions; instead, expressions can very well define what’s inside you. We have many examples from different fields to prove how animals benefit humans. We have chosen various animal species as our companions in different areas. For example-

  • People love to have a dog, cat & rabbit as their pet.
  • They keep horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, cattle, oxen, pigs, mules, chicken, duck & geese as farm animals.   
  • Some other animals like buffalo, oxen, llamas, camels are used for agricultural purposes. 

Why animals and human relationship is important?

It can be said that the human & animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship. Once you bring any animal in your home, it immediately becomes like one of your family members. 

The more time you spend with these animals, the bond of your relationship will get stronger. The domestic animals have been observed many times where they have saved the life of their master.

There are many examples of animals saving humans lives that show the dedication  & love of the animals towards their masters.  

Apart from endless benefits and a strong relationship bond, sometimes animals have to face the cruel behaviour of their master. For example- the zoo and circus.

However, the use of animals has been banned in the circus for a long time, but zoo culture remains the same. Although in the zoo caged animals get proper treatment.

Still, in some cases where the animal is quite tough to handle, they have to suffer brutal behaviours in zoo culture.

You may not have noticed the brutality as a visitor but think from the perspective of a caged animal for a while. They are not happy inside the cages; instead, they love to be in the natural environment. 

If you have a pet or any other farm animal, then do care for them. They just need little affection from you, and they will benefit you with loyalty and love for the rest of their life.

There are many examples where we observed animals helping humans, but now this is our turn where we need to show humans helping animals.       

Importance of animals and human relationship

Animals have always been an essential part of humans since ancient age. They play the role of a companion, worker, and a well-wisher. They accompany us and become a vital part of our life. The trust and affection we get from animals increase their importance in our life.    


Animals and Humans are companions.

Are you a pet lover? Do you have a pet like a dog or a cat? Owning a pet is a perfect example of animals helping humans as their companions. Many people love to have a pet. They love their pet and treat them as their best companion.

Believe it or not, but pets act as a stress buster. Pet gives unconditional love to their masters and protects them from loneliness. Pets also help to improve the mental and emotional health of humans.

It will not be wrong if we say animals saving humans lives by protecting them from depression by giving them love, affection and loyalty.

Pic – Fear free pets
  • Animals act as workers.

They work hard to serve their best for humans. Animals like oxen help humans to pull a plough in agricultural fields.

Apart from this, animals are helping humans in pulling carts. Animals are also used to turn windmills and watermills. These animals are trained enough to work hard to benefit human needs.     

Pic – The News Minute
  • Animals protecting humans as a security guard.

The dog is an animal which is used as a security guard for safeguarding houses worldwide. Dogs are a loyal and trustworthy animal. They guard our home at night, and they do not allow trespassers to enter the boundary.

Dogs not only secure our home but are also used by police to search for criminals and inspect the crime scene. There are many trained dogs in the police department in various countries. Being a part of the police department, these dogs are working efficiently to perform their duties. 

  • Animals helping humans for carrying loads and transportation

Animals benefit humans in transportation and carrying loads. Horses used for transportation purposes. It is such a powerful animal that we use “horsepower” as a measuring unit. We also use horses to pull the carriage and as labour for agricultural activities.  

In many tourist places, the horses help people in ridding with a saddle that attracts tourists to have a ride on them. Animals like donkeys and mules help to carry loads.

Pic –
  • Animals are Valuable Resource.

They benefit humans not only by helping them in agricultural activities, transportation purposes, carrying loads, or as a security guard, but they are also useful to us a resource.

We get food items from animals to fulfil our dietary requirements. For example- we get milk, eggs, cheese & butter from animals.

It is like a “give and take” situation where humans give affection and care to animals, and in return, they provide us with useful items in the form of food items.     

Animals (like pets, domestic, and farm animals) have become an essential part of human life. These animals not only reduce human power required for work but they are also loyal to their masters.

As these animals are always ready to serve best to mankind similarly, we also should take care of them as we do for our family members.



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