Facts about wild animals

In general terms, the animals that live together in wildlife habitat are known as wild animals. Wildlife includes different species of animals like herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, scavengers, etc. There are many amazing facts about wild animals that are quite interesting to know. You can follow this article to get an overview of wildlife.

All wild animals depend on each other to fulfil their need for food. All these animals make a wonderful food chain in wildlife.

The wild animal facts given in this article will get you on a jungle safari where you will meet different animal species and their fun facts.

Are you ready for a kind of jungle safari through this article? So, let’s start

Interesting wild animal facts

Here you will get to know interesting and fun facts about some of the wildlife creatures such as wild cats, elephants, zebras, giraffes, etc.

  • Interesting facts about wild cats

  • The lion is the king of the jungle.

  • An interesting wild animal fact about the king of the jungle is that the lioness is extremely talented and experienced in hunting. Lionesses do almost 90% of hunting for its pride.

  • Tigers are the largest species of the cat family and are very good swimmers.

  • Tiger is a wild animal with a beautiful appearance. Many people have a perception that tigers have printed fur but actually, it is their printed skin.

  • On top of this, an amazing fact about this wild animal is that every tiger has its unique pattern of stripes like the fingerprints of humans.

  • Cheetah is known as the fastest land animal that can accelerate its speed from 0-113 km within a few seconds.

  • Cheetah can also climb trees but it has very poor night vision.

  • An adult leopard is a solitary animal of the cat family. It is a nocturnal animal and hunts for prey at night.

  • Lynx is a snow animal. It has large feet that help him to run on deep snow.

  • Wild cats are known for their tough roar sounds but an amazing wild animals facts about snow leopard is that they do not roar. The reason is its less-developed vocal cord.

  • Interesting facts about elephants

  • How many of you like an elephant as your favourite animal. Do you know that elephants are the only wild animals that cannot jump? Isn’t it one of the fun facts about this wild animal?

  • The baby elephant is quite similar to humans in terms of self-soothing. Baby elephants suck their trunk as human babies do for self-comfort.

  • The water drinking capacity of an adult elephant is quite high. It needs to drink up to 210 litres of water daily.

  • Interesting facts about giraffes

  • Giraffe is such an amazing animal but it does not have vocal cords.

  • The spots on the body of giraffes reveal a lot about their nature. In a study, it has been discovered that a dark-spotted giraffe is more dominants than a light-spotted giraffe.

  • The colour of the tongue of a giraffe is quite different. It has a black colour tongue.

  • Interesting facts about wild apes

  • You may be wondered to know that almost 50% of Orangutans suffer from fractured bones because of their routine i.e. falling out of the trees.

  • Gorillas are believed to be the intelligent animal species but unfortunately, it has been declared as an endangered species.

  • You must have seen Capuchin monkey on national geographic or animal planet channels. A quite amazing fact about this wild animal is that it uses its urine to wash its hands and feet.

  • Wild chimpanzees love to drink.

  • Interesting facts about wildlife birds

  • Ostrich, the biggest bird has eyes bigger than its brain. How interesting is this?

  • Parrots are quite helping in nature and they help each other selflessly.

  • Puffin is a bird with beautiful beak but it does not use its beak to scratch its body rather it uses twigs.

  • Cowbirds make use of the secret password to train their young ones.

  • Interesting facts about wild water animals

  • Nile crocodiles can have an average lifespan of 100 years.

  • Sea otters hold their hand while sleeping so that they do not drift away from each other along with water currents.

  • Otters are believed to have the thickest fur in the world. Otters thought to have approximately one million hairs per square inch area on their body.

  • Sea otters are quite expert in using tools in their daily activities. For example- sea otters are often seen using rocks to break the tough shell of their prey like snails.

  • Alligators allow manatees to swim before it when there is a traffic jam in aquatic life.

  • Interesting facts about some other species wildlife

  • You must have seen rhinoceros either in television or zoo. Have you observed its horn? You may be wondered to know that its horn is made of hair.

  • A wonder fact about sloth is that it takes up to two weeks to digest the food it has.

  • Wolves are known to be the ancestor of all the breeds of domestic dogs.

  • The fingerprints of koalas are very similar to humans that it can hamper the crime scenes.

  • Koala is an animal that can sleep a lot in a day up to 18-22 hours. It does so because it needs a lot of energy to digest its food.

  • You should learn the true meaning of friendship from baby Tasmanian devils. They believe in making life-long friendships.

  • The grizzly bear can crush the bowling ball with its teeth.

  • The black and white stripes on the body of zebras act as a natural bug repellent.

  • Reindeer is an animal that belongs to extremely cold regions. It changes its eye colour from gold to blue in winters to adapt to the changes in weather conditions accordingly.

  • Deer are fast running animals. They can run approximately 35 miles per hour.

  • Prairie dogs greet each other through kissing.

  • Hartebeest uses a zigzag running pattern to escape easily from its predators.

  • Can you imagine an animal with a two-foot-long tongue? Quite amazing facts about wild animals but yes anteater is an animal that has a two-foot-long tongue. It is known to have the longest tongue of any known mammal.

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