How to raise a dog

Raising a dog

Which is your favourite pet? Is your favourite pet dog? Do you have one at your home? Wow, you have a loving and caring companion in your dog. We all get attached emotionally with our pet dog. However, it is not easy to raise a dog. However, it takes time to raise a dog. You can take help from this article to know how to raise a dog.

It is a kind of interesting experience to see a small puppy growing into an adult dog living with us. It becomes like our family members.

Helpful tips on how to raise a dog

  • Spend some time with your dog

Dogs also expect affection and care from us. The way you give your valuable time to your family members, similarly, dogs also need attention from you. The more time you spend with your dog, it will help him to acquire social behavioural skills. Your pet will also get to know how to behave with different people.

  • Encourage your dog to be socially responsible

Training a puppy is like training your little angel. The early 16 weeks of your dog are quite important in terms of learning. This is the time when your dog gets acquainted with other people, objects, other animals, etc. At this stage, you also need to teach your dog not to be aggressive. It will help to raise a dog socially active.

  • Take care of your dog’s comfort

Your pet is like your family member. Hence, you also need to take care of its comfort and safety. You can buy a crate for your pet when you first welcomed it to your home. Make sure the crate is not too small in size, otherwise your puppy will feel like cramped.

Once it grows and becomes an adult (approximately 6 months) you can buy it a dog house. It will not only provide your dog comfort but also helps to protect your home from any kind of unwanted dog-created chaos.

  • Potty training for your pet dog

Potty training is a must when you think about how to raise a dog. You have to be conscious of potty training for your pet. Potty training undoubtedly is must whether you want to raise a good dog, healthy dog, calm dog, deaf dog or to raise a dog in an apartment.

Praising and rewards always work wonder. You also should try this when your dog shits at the proper place. Remember one thing do not punish your dog for any mess. It will leave a negative impression on it. Try to make a habit of your dog feeding and potty regularly.

  • Develop your dog’s playful nature

Playful training is a very good answer for those who often think of how to raise a calm dog, how to raise a deaf dog or how to raise a naughty dog, etc. The dog can be very playful if trained properly.

Playing with a dog is a very good tip to teach your dog in a fun way. You can play different games with your dog like playing with a ball. This is one of the favourite games of most of the dogs. It will help your dog to become active and respond instantly to your command.

You can use these tips to raise a dog in an apartment as well. Whether you are staying in a home or an apartment and wish to have a pet, you can take help to train a new member of your family.

How tough it is to raise a deaf dog?

How to raise a deaf dog? Is your dog lost hearing capacity or it is a born deaf? If you love your deaf dog then do not worry a lot about how to raise a deaf dog.

However, it is a little tough to train a deaf dog as compared to a hearing dog but not impossible at all. You need to put a little more effort to raise a deaf dog. You can try these tips to train your deaf dog.

  • Try to get the attention of your deaf dog

The training of a deaf dog should start by grabbing its attention. Since a deaf dog will not respond by hearing its name, you need to find out other ways to grab its attention. You can try tapping the floor to get the attention of your deaf dog to start communication with it.

  • Use hand signals

Many owners use hand signals to give basic commands to their pet dogs. Most people use standard hand signals to command their dogs but you can develop your own hand signals to train your deaf dog in your own way.

  • Try sign language

Sign language helps to connect with a deaf dog quite efficiently. Even sign language can be used for a hearing dog. You can take help from a sign language book to command your deaf dog. You will be able to communicate quite easily using sign language.

  • Use a flashlight

Many owners use a flashlight to raise a deaf dog. You can also try this for your deaf dog. You can turn on & off the flashlight continuously until your deaf dog looks at you. Once it looks at you, give a small treat. It will help the deaf dog to respond to flashlight immediately.

  • Reward your deaf dog for good behaviour

Rewards work as a motivation not only for humans but for animals as well. You can reward a hearing dog through verbal praising but in case of a deaf dog, you need visual praising and rewards.

For this, you can reward your deaf pet through small treats for good behaviour so that it gets motivated for next time.

  • Try vibrating collar

The vibrating collar is not like an electronic collar that gives shock used to train dogs. The vibrating collar is just a simple collar with painless vibrations. You can use a vibrating collar just by pressing the button to train your deaf dog to look at you or to turn around etc.

  • Be gentle in your approach

The way you approach deaf dog matters a lot because it is not normal like a hearing dog. Always try to be gentle in your approach, especially while touching. Gently rub its shoulder and back to feel it comfortable.

How to raise a calm and good dog?

Dogs also vary in terms of nature and behaviour like us. Some dogs are quite active in behaviour, whereas some dogs are too calm and behave like a good guy. The reason may be different breeds. However, some owners want to have an active dog like others.

Do you also have a calm dog? Do you want to know how to raise a calm dog?

You can try these tips to raise a calm dog, even these tips will also work to raise a good dog.

  • Crate training is a very good approach to raise a calm dog. Crate training is quite helpful to develop activeness in your calm dog.

  • Create training also helps your dog to learn to be entertained by own.

  • Involve your dog into more physical activities like playing with a ball.

  • You can also take your dog on a walk (either morning or evening walk) to raise your calm dog’s physical activities.

  • Praise or reward your dog when achieved something. It works as motivational therapy.

  • Spend some time from your busy schedule with your dog to become more active.

You can try these tips on your pet dog to raise him into a more active, skilled and socially participant pet.

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