International Polar Bear Day 2022

International Polar Bear Day 2022

International Polar Bear Day 2022 is celebrated every year on 27th February to make people aware of the need to protect and cherish these magnificent creatures.

From its heat-preserving ears to its furry anti-slip feet, a polar bear is the powerful emblem of the endurance and strength of the Arctic. And yet being a symbol of strength and endurance, they suffer because of human activities.

Our carbon footprints are responsible for climate change which is a cosmic threat to polar bears’ essence. Various organizations help in the conservation of polar bears through campaigns.

The most famous and successful and well-known organization for this humble cause is Polar Bear International (PBI). International Polar Bear Day was initiated by PBI back in 2011.

Let us learn some more fun facts about polar bears, International Polar Bear day’s significance, history, its celebration, and how to take part in the event.

History of International Polar Bear Day 2022

Biologists and scientists have always faced a hard time tracking the genesis of the polar bear but recent findings in Norway may have answered. A rare bone found on the Norwegian Island in 2004 helped scientists to evaluate the existence of this amazing animal.

Native cultures living in the Arctic have hunted polar bears for a very long time thus helping in maintaining a balanced Arctic ecosystem. Once the people from Russia, Europe, and North America started hunting the polar bears excessively.

It resulted in the rapid cut of their population in the 1700s. The species suffered as there were no rules and regulations and hunters were able to trap as many as they want.

Due to the excessive use of fossil fuels, the condition got worse in the 1950s. The melting of sea ice and increased ocean levels are the result of rising temperatures.

It was also a change in the landscape of the polar bear’s environment. The pleas of the environmental groups were turned down by the governments.

After a long fight with the governments, the former USSR signed the Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears and their Habitat.

In 1994 Polar Bear International (PBI) came into existence and made it their goal to protect the polar bears. Can you imagine our future generations not being able to know, see or cherish this amazing animal?

This is one of the questions that PBI discussed almost three decades ago.  It was necessary to keep moving forward after winning the initial fight with the governments. This led PBI to create International Polar Bear Day.

Importance of International Polar Bear Day 2022

Today polar bears are on the verge of extinction and this is because of climate change. The polar bear was the first vertebrate species to come on the list of the U.S Endangered Species Act. The main issue is the loss of habitat due to climate change.

As it’s scientific name (Ursus maritimus) means sea bear or ice bear. The polar bear is a marine mammal and lives nearby the sea ice and along the shores of the cold Arctic.

It spends a great part of its life at sea than it does on land. This is the reason why climate change is considered a great threat to polar bears’ well-being. Climate change affects the welfare of these animals in several ways.

Decreasing Population of Polar Bears

In the southern portions of Canada, the polar bears live on land as there is no ice during summer. The bay freezes in the fall only then the polar bears can hunt again.

But in the last 20 years the ice-free time has increased up to 3 weeks and now the Hudson Bay freezes in the late fall.

By that time the weight of the polar bears decreases by 15 percent. This results in fewer cubs and if they have cubs, it decreases their chance of survival to adulthood.

Another issue is the increment of the interval between successful litters. This pattern is not limited to Canada, it is now observed worldwide.

Sea Ice Platforms are Growing Distant

Beyond the evident habitat loss, the withdrawal of ice indicates more serious threats. Farther the ice from shore, less accessible it is.

Each year the trend is now observed of the ice being farther from the shore after every summer. Hence, it means polar bears have to swim far from the shore to reach the ice.

It also means less prey as the water is deep and for the polar bears, the main diet is the seal.

The larger distance between shore and ice means rougher wave conditions. In 2004 biologists found four drowned polar bears, which was never encountered before.

Biologists concluded it to the combination of rougher sea and retreating ice.  In 2011, PBI introduced the first International Polar Bear Day and it is celebrated every year till this day.

Scroll down to know some great facts about polar bears to make you appreciate and love these magnificent creatures.

International Polar Bear Day 2022

Some Facts You Should Know This International Polar Bear Day 2022

Polar Bears Aren’t White

Beneath all the massive fur polar bears have black skin. Their fur reflects the light and this is the only reason why they appear white.

Polar Bears are Fast Runners

A polar bear can run at a speed of 25mph (40 kph) when catching its prey. They don’t slip on ice because they have hairs on their paws. Isn’t it awesome! Not only having speed on land they can swim at a decent speed which is 6kph(10mph).

Razor-Sharp Teeth

Polar bears have 42 razor-like sharp teeth. They pack quite a bite with canines larger than grizzly and jagged back teeth.

Wide Paws like a Dinner Plate

You all use dinner plates, right? A polar bear’s paw is as big as a dinner plate which is approx. 30cm wide. They can trudge across unstable ice and deep snow.

Freezing Weather? No Problem

Ever wonder how do polar bears survive in the constantly cold environment? Well, it’s because they have a whopping 4 inches of fat under the skin which keeps them warm.

Celebrating International Polar Bear Day 2022

This year the Polar Bear International (PBI) has mainly focused on polar bear moms and cubs. They have even named a challenge “Protect Moms and Cubs”. This is the time of the year when the bear moms nestle the cubs in their dens.

Denning is the most unsafe time in a Polar bear’s life and with the warming Arctic, it is getting harder every year. Therefore the abidance of every single cub is critically important as they already face extensive challenges.

This year on International Polar Bear Day 2022 PBI focuses on raising funds to develop a new tool that will help in finding and mapping the locations of the dens.

How Can You Celebrate International Polar Bear Day 2022?

  1. Donate

To this greater cause if you can. Your gift will help in developing new technologies which will help the polar bears. Watch the live events with your family members. This will help in raising the interest of children and adults to love, cherish and protect them.

2. Learn about the Bear Families

It will help in caring for them and saving them by participating in the “Protect Moms and Cubs Challenge”.


Every animal, plant, and human play an important role in balancing the ecosystem. The polar bear is also a vital part of the Arctic ecosystem.

Therefore, if this amazing animal goes extinct this might start a chain reaction which will be impossible for humans to stop or turn around. So, we need to help in raising awareness before it’s too late.








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