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National Hug Your Cat Day 2022

Learn about the History, Facts and Celebration of National Hug Your Cat Day 2022

National Hug Your Cat Day 2022

Do you like to spoil your perfect furry friend with love and attention? It’s no big deal, even the ancient Egyptians cherished and spoiled their cats. Egyptians even worshipped them. Between your busy schedule National Hug Your Cat Day 2022  gives you chance to spend some quality hug time with your cats.

So, on this June 4, 2022, which is Saturday scoop your loving cat in your arms and hug the. Give them all your attention on this National Hug Your Cat Day.

What are Cats?

Cats are divided into two groups: wild and domestic. The scientific name of the house cat is Felis catus. It belongs to the suborder Feliformia of the family Felidae. The traits of cats set them apart from other pets. They are highly adaptive. Their low-hanging body, finely molded head with specialized teeth, and ready to rip claws, make them exquisite hunters. Their tails provide them with balance.

History of National Hug Your Cat Day 2022

Cats and humans share a special bond for centuries. History proves that Egyptians worshipped and glorified the cats. The goddess Bastet resembles a cat. It was the faith of Egyptians that cats protect their homes from evil spirits. They symbolize poise and grace. There was a time in Egypt when the cats were so loved and respected that the smuggling of cats had a death penalty.

In the contrast, some other European and Asian countries people believed that cats bring bad luck. The debate goes on to this day. However, the domestication of cats began in 7500 BC in the Near East. The thought was to bring the cats indoors in the Neolithic era.

Importance of Cats in Ancient Egypt

With time people came to realize that cats are helpful, especially for farmers. Therefore, by 3500 BC farmers had cats near their farming land because cats hunted the rodents which spoiled the crops.
As we know that cats have been a major part of Egyptian culture, but in 3000 BC Egyptians did something unbelievable. They built a cat cemetery with at least 300,000 mummies of cats.

After getting many appraisals it was China’s turn to appreciate cats. In 500 BC a cat was given as a gift to the emperor of China who was a part of the Song dynasty. Soon after that the cats became popular and were a status symbol among rich people.

Many decades after in the year 1963 the cats again captured all the attention when the decision was made to send a cat into space. Félicette was the name of the stray Pasian cat who was launched into space on 18th October 1963 as a part of the French Space Program.

After gaining fame among adults based on superstitions and money, now was the time to gain some love from children. That’s when in 1978 announcement of a cat comic strip “Garfield the cat” was made by cartoonist Jim Davis on June 19.

Establishment of The International Cat Association (TICA)

Once the cats became popular and people started breeding them then their mistreatment also started. Even today, people get pets and when they are not able to take care of them, they abandon them. So, in 1979 The International Cat Association (TICA) came into existence.

The main motive of TICA is to register the cats and maintain a balance between breeders, people, and cats. Although the origin of National Hug Your Cat Day is unknown, it allows us to hug, love, cherish and appreciate our cats.

Activities for celebrating National Hug Your Cat Day 2022.

1. Hug your Kitty

Between your busy schedule, it is hard to take out some time to love and spoil your cat. National Hug Your Cat Day 2022 gives you an excuse to especially cuddle and love your cat. So, keep your lint roller ready so that you can cuddle your cat.

2. Host a Party

Humans party all the time. On this day throw a kitty party for your furry friend. Invite your friends who have cats. It’s also an easy way to make your cat get acquainted with the presence of strangers and other cats.

3. Volunteer

Not every cat has a family who loves it and not every home has a cat to love. So the best possible way is to visit your nearest animal rescue shelter and give some love to the homeless cats. It is also a great way to spend some quality time with your children and teach them to respect and love and appreciate not only cats but other animals too.

4. Adopt

If you think that you are financially stable to provide a loving and caring home to a cat, then adopt one. What could be the best possible way to celebrate the National Hug Your Cat Day 2022 than to give a forever home to an adorable cute cat?

Reasons for you to love National Hug Your Cat Day

1. Give Something Special

As humans, we know that we have fights with our friends and loved ones all the time but the animals don’t hold any grudge. So if you have a cat at home be 100 percent sure that when you reach home after a hectic day you will always be welcomed with licks and purring. National Hug Your Cat Day 2022 is a reminder for us to thank, appreciate and love our cats for their friendship and unconditional love. And just in case your cat does not prefer touching, a new scratching post will be a great gift.

2. The Best way to release stress

Do you know that studies have proved that caressing, snuggling, and stroking your pet, alleviate the stress? It is also famous for improving one’s psychological state. So, if you are under any stress this is your chance to snuggle with your best furry friend.

3. Show them off because Cats deserve it

Nowadays there is not one person who can say that they are not socially active.
So, National Hug, Your Cat Day gives you the best chance to show off your cute, amazing furry friend. Post it on Instagram, upload it on Facebook, and go wild.

Some facts about cats on this National Hug Yor Cat Day

• The only mammal who cannot taste any sweetness is the cat.

• Cats can leap up to six times their length.

• Humans have 206 bones whereas cats have 230 bones in their tiny bodies.

• Cats have 18 toes (four toes in each of their back paws and five toes on each front paw)

• Not only on their nose but cats have whiskers on the backside of their front legs too.

• Cats have rough tongues so that they can lick the bone clean.

• 70% of a cat’s life span goes into sleeping.

• “Clowder” is the term you can use for a group of cats.


History proves that cats have been part of our lives for centuries but this sometimes cute and sometimes naughty creature is taken lightly. National Hug Your Cat Day 2022 is to celebrate their presence in our lives and show them our love, support, and care by hugging them. They may not be able to understand the words but they sure can understand our body language and the attention which we give to them. Love them, cuddle and snuggle them and spoil them.

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