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National Pig Day 2022- History and Importance

National Pig Day 2022

Not only recently but since neolithic times pigs have been a part of human culture. And are a part of every aspect of human life. You can find them as a part of art, stuffed animals, piggy banks, costumes, movies, books, etc. National Pigs Day 2022 is celebrated to appreciate the importance of pigs. 

In American culture, they are a part of breakfast (bacon) and important family celebrations too. Therefore, National Pig Day is dedicated to the pigs as they have become part of American Culture.

Even in Europe since the Middle Ages, pigs have been celebrated in carnivals by the people. It became important in Medieval Germany in cities such as Nuremberg.

Pigs can be found throughout the country in zoos and farms and even in some of the homes as pets. It seems fair to have a day dedicated to these beguiling animals.

Let us get the hang of some facts about pigs, National Pig Day’s importance, history, etc.

History of National Pig Day 2022

According to scientists and fossil records, pigs have been on earth for almost a million years. But it’s been only 9000 years since they are domesticated by humans. At first, it was domesticated in parts of Western Asia and China.

Later Europeans started promoting purpose-driven pig breeding in the 1500s when pork consumption started getting high.

It is believed that Spanish explorer, Hernando De Soto is the reason why pigs first set “hoof” on American soils.

The story goes that when he came to Tampa Bay, Florida, he brought pigs along with him on this journey and that is how domestication of pigs started in the United States of America.

He is also famously known as the “father of the American Pork Industry”. Even after being used in all parts of life, somehow pigs were not given much recognition.

This is when two sisters Mary Lynne Rave, and Ellen Stanley realized that these animals should also get respected and appreciated. So, finally, in 1972 National Pig Day began.

The first time it was celebrated to remember the pigs and not serve them as the main meal. Since then, pig parades, craft activities, and competitions are done as fun activities.

The effect of celebrating National Pig Day has been so affluent that today over 1 million families have pigs as pets throughout Canada and US.

Below are some of the Interesting Facts about Pigs.

 1. Sleepyhead!

Scientists claim that newborn piglets learn to recognize their mother’s voices and run to her. They can even acknowledge their names by two weeks old.

2. Run!

If you think pigs are lazy and slumbering? You are mistaken. An adult pig can run a seven-minute mile or in other words 11 mph. think you can do better?

3. Sweaty? No way!!!

If you hear anybody say “sweating like a pig”, tell them it’s not true. Pigs do not have sweat glands and that is why they relish covering themselves with mud.

4. Squeal!!!

If the time demands, a pig squeal can reach up to 115 decibels which are higher than the sound of a supersonic airliner.

5. Lovely Chat

Pigs persistently commune with each other if not squealing. They have more than 20 kinds of vocalizations ranging from “I’m hungry” to courting a mate.

6. I Promise I don’t Bite!

Pigs can eat almost anything even human bones. In 2012 everyone was shocked with the news of Oregon, America where pigs ate their owner, a farmer who fell in their enclosure after having a heart attack. According to the reports, only his dentures were found when the relatives came looking for him.

7. Birds of a Feather

Despite being random eaters, pigs are incredibly social and intelligent. They prefer to move around and sleep together in groups. They snuggle and sleep nose-to-nose together. Moreover, it is even proven by certain researchers and studies that pigs can even dream just like humans.

8. I’m a night light!

Apart from dreaming there are other ways also in which pigs are similar to humans. Nowadays scientists use the stem cells of pigs for finding cures for human diseases.

Pigs when crossed with jellyfishes by the Chinese geneticists produced piglets with trotters and tongues glowing fluorescent green in UV light.

9. That’s it now! Enough

The pig is a sign of virility and fertility in China keeping aside their other life-saving abilities. You can even find the statues of pigs prominently displayed in the rooms of the couples who are trying to have children.

10. Great swimmers

If you don’t know pigs are also great swimmers. Swine rules the unoccupied island of Big Major Cay. Pigs sometimes swim out to the offshore boats in hope of being rewarded with tasty treats.

How to Celebrate National Pig Day 2022?

1. Visit the Zoo

It is observed all over the world but National Pig Day 2022 is mainly popular in America Midwest. Why not? As it is the home of this holiday.

You will be shocked to know that because of the pig Illinois’ state commerce is $1.9 billion. On National Pig Day, the Central Park Zoo in New York city overwhelms with the pot-bellied pigs.

  1. Refrain from Eating Pigs

If you want to make a difference this National Pig Day 2022, restrain from eating the pigs. Also, make it count by giving special treats to the pot-bellied pigs.

National Pig Day 2022

  1. Learn More About Pigs

There are some fictitious, loveable pigs that the entertainment industry has given us over the decades. So, relax, enjoy and celebrate this National Pig Day 2022 with some famous movies or cartoons which you can enjoy with your family.

To help you further, here are the names of some of the most famous piggies: Plopper, Charlotte’s Web, Miss Piggy, and Porky Pig.

  1. Volunteer

Cats and dogs are likable and become part of families easily but that is not the case with pigs. Adoption of pot-belly pigs doesn’t always work out positively so they become part of the rescue farms.

So today will be a great day to spend time with these animals and make them feel appreciated. Find a pig rescue farm near you and spend time with them.

  1. Participate

Participate in the parades and campaigns which support pigs. You must know that pigs are a part of experiments in many fields. Therefore, there are many groups and organizations which fight for stopping animal cruelty.

Be a part of such a movement and help in making a difference and changing people’s minds and perceptions towards pigs.


Pigs do not get the love and affection which they should get. So, National Pig Day is a way of appreciating and admiring them for the wonderful qualities they hold.

Learn about them, watch them, treasure them and cuddle up to one if you can. Therefore, whatever you decide to do on this day, we request you to please don’t “pig out” and eat one!


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