Types of animals based on habitat

A habitat is an environment that provides a favourable surrounding for some particular type of animal species. The atmosphere, climate, components, etc. of a habitat acts as a support system for different types of animals based on habitat to survive in a particular environment.

There are different habitats on Earth that provide shelter to thousands of animal species. You will understand in this article all the information about the different types of animals based on habitat.

Classification of animals based on their habitats

  • Terrestrial animal

This types of animals based on habitat are particularly found on the land and the animals that live on land are known as terrestrial animals. This habitat includes all kinds of land habitats found across the world. They have a huge range of different types of animals based on habitat.

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The different types of terrestrial animal habitats are as follows

  • Tropical rainforest animal

The tropical rainforest is an ideal habitat to have a wide range of animal species. Tropical forests are generally situated around Earth’s equator in South Africa, America & Southern Asia. The main characteristic of this habitat is the humidity and heavy rainfall which make it one of the favourite places for animal survival.

The tropical rainforest provides shelter to thousands of animals such as the gorilla, jaguar, rhino, various birds, Monkey, fox, various snakes, etc.

  • Temperate forest animal

One of the best characteristic features of temperate forest habitat is that here you will find well-defined four seasons (i.e. summer, winter, rainy, and spring seasons) annually.

The most common types of animals based on habitat at temperate forests are elk, marmots, bears, deer, lynxes, owls, etc.

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  • Arctic tundra animal

Tundra region is found in the Arctic where the climate is too cold and windy. This is why you can see very hardy flora and fauna species living in the cold climate of the tundra region.

Here you will found limited types of animals based on habitat at tundra region such as sheep, goat, fox, polar bear, marmots, gray wolves, caribou, birds, etc.

  • Grassland animal

Grassland is a home for thousands of animals and birds. There are two different types of grassland habitat which are found on the Earth.

  • Tropical grassland

Another name for Tropical Grassland is African Savana. This types of animals based on habitat is enriched with widespread grass fields & long trees. This region receives an average rainfall up to 30 to 50 inches annually. After this season, tropical grassland experience a lengthy dry season.

Tropical grassland provides shelter to numerous animals like giraffes, zebras, lions, rhinos, elephants, etc.

  • Temperate grassland

This types of animals based on habitat are more or less similar to tropical grassland (except it experiences warm season followed by cold winter season). The average rainfall recorded annually in temperate grassland is approximately 30 to 35 inches. Great Plains of the Midwest and Palouse Prairie (America) are excellent examples of temperate grassland.

Temperate grassland is a natural habitat for animals like gazelle, rabbits, deer, mice and various species of snakes, etc.

  • Desert animal

Deserts are dry regions that receive annual rainfall less than 10 inches. This types of animals based on habitat have a special adaptation to survive in the adverse climatic conditions of the desert region. Some animals live in burrows or caves, whereas some other animals have adapted the lifestyle of nocturnal animals.

Camel is no doubt the king of deserts. Apart from camels, other animals like kangaroo, fox, antelope, goats, coyote, jackrabbit, snake, various species of lizards, etc. are found in the desert habitat.

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  • Mountain animal

Mountains are the high landforms from the surface level. Mountain habitat has a relatively colder climate as compared to plains. The animals that live in mountain regions have in-build features to survive in such a cold habitat.

The different types of animals based on habitat at mountain regions are brown & black bear, mountain goats, antelope, bighorn sheep, grizzly bear, mountain lions, etc.

  • Aquatic animal

Aquatic animals are the ones who live in water. The aquatic ecosystem provides a natural habitat to millions of flora and fauna. In aquatic habitat, you will find animals of different sizes, colours, behaviours, features, etc. Aquatic animals habitat is divided into two types.

  • Freshwater animal habitat

71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water but only 3% of it is considered as freshwater. Freshwater habitat includes rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, etc. which shelters different species of water animals.

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  • Rivers and streams

A wide range of animals lives in rivers and streams such as otter, river turtle, whooper swan, mallards, dolphins, and various species of fishes, etc.

  • Lakes and Ponds

The different types of animals based on habitat lives in lakes and ponds are salmon, pirarucu, great crested newt, greater flamingo, trout, common toad, kingfisher, platypus, etc.

  • Wetlands

This habitat is the home for various animals such as skylark, palmate newt, swallowtail butterfly, mute swan, grass snake, catfish, etc.

  • Brackish water

Brackish water gives shelter to some species of aquatic fishes, mammals, birds, and insects such as ground shark, avocet, raft spider, common seal, stingray, wood stock, etc.

  • Marine animal

Marine habitat includes a huge area on Earth’s surface. Earth contains approximately 71% water, out of which almost 3% is freshwater and rest all are marine habitats. Marine habitat has different species of animals including mammals, vertebrates, invertebrates, reptiles, etc. The marine habitat has different sections as given below-

  • Open Ocean area

Open ocean habitat includes various aquatic animals like the blue whale, narwhal, olive ridley turtle, manta ray, salmon, harbour porpoise, black-browed albatross, sharks, flying fish, etc.

  • Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are home for various marine animals like frogfish, starfish, black-banded sea kraits, leafy & weedy sea dragons, gobies, etc.

  • Deep ocean area

The common animals of deep ocean area are lobe-finned fishes, anglerfish, ray-finned fishes, and various species of snakes, etc.

  • Hydrothermal vents

The types of animals based on habitat which are found here – giant tube worm, hydrothermal vent eelpout fish, Pompeii worm, hydrothermal vent squat lobster, etc. are commonly found in this type of habitat.

  • Arboreal animals

Animals that spend most of their time on trees are termed as arboreal animals. They perform most of their activities on tree canopies like eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

The most common arboreal animals include a monkey, possums, numerous rodents, chameleons, tree snakes, koalas, sloths, parrots, geckos, various insects, and birds, etc.

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  • Amphibians

Amphibians are the animals that live on both land & water. They are carnivorous animals and they depend on small animals like insects, slugs, snails, etc. for their diet.

The animals like frogs, salamanders, toads, etc. comes under the amphibian group of animals.

  • Aerial animals

Birds come in aerial animals as they fly in the air. However, they also spend some time on trees. There is a huge variety of aerial animals like crows, pigeons, sparrow, eagle, etc.


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