What is the Dumbest Animal in the World?

What is the Dumbest Animal in the World?

Many animals have the intelligence & skills to survive in the wild. While others have laziness & dumbness in their nature. Now, the first thing that comes to mind is what is the dumbest animal in the world?

Animals and humans share many common aspects in their nature and being dumb is one of them. These animals are not labeled as “Brainless” creatures but their nature can only be summarized as plain stupid.

Definition of the Dumbest Animal in the World?

The word “Dumb” in terms of behavior is used to describe lack of intelligence thus unusual animal habits are referred to as dumb or stupid.

Every animal has some special attributes which set them apart from the other animals. Intelligence & dumbness are major distinguishing attributes. Some intelligent animals are famous for their hunting tactics while others struggle to survive.

Animals such as panda, ostrich, sloth, and squirrels are famous for their strange behavior in the wild which only be called as outright dumb.

The sloth is one of the laziest and weakest animals in the world as it moves at a very slow speed. They can even consider their own libs as branches & fall down due to confusion. It doesn’t mean that sloths do not have a brain it’s just that their act and behavior can only be termed as plain stupid.

So, let’s start the list by so famous species in our list of dumbest animals in the world.

  1. Jerboa

A rodent-looking creature known for its unusual jumping and running patterns. Jerboas are not able to hide food and are lack energy. Despite being a rodent they are capable of jumping like a kangaroo and are capable of dashing at fast speed.

Even though possessing such abilities jerboas are incapable of searching, storing, and preserving food from predators. They feed on plants and when there is a scarcity of food they can also eat small insects such as beetles. Jerboas are mainly found in the desert region of Northern Africa and Asia.


  1. Panda Bear

It is hard to believe that this cute furry endangered animal is also one of the dumbest animals in the world. Panda bears are capable of eating a full carnivore diet but choose to be an herbivore. They prefer eating bamboo in their natural habitat. The female panda bear has a very picky nature.

The female panda when giving birth to twin babies only chooses the healthiest baby. They are very absent-minded about their children. Mama bear often forgets about the whereabouts of her babies and can even roll over them to put an end to their loud screaming.

Panda bears are known for showing less or no interest in mating as both males and females are very unromantic. Due to this panda bears have also landed themselves in being an endangered species on the planet.


  1. Ostrich 

It is presumably easier to say that this bird looks out of the ordinary. Ostrich has a small brain and big eyes that probably sums up why they are the dumbest animal in the world.

They are capable of running at a speed of 70 km/h and maintain a steady speed of 50 km/h. Even with such incredible ability, these birds are not able to fly due to their body weight. An ostrich weighs approximately 150 pounds and its egg weighs around 3 pounds.


  1. Goblin Shark 

Sharks are the most feared predators in the sea. But, such is not the case when it comes to Goblin sharks. An odd-looking snout that is shaped like a blade this shark is known for its lazy behavior. Goblin shark does not hunt for food in fact it waits for their prey to come close so that they can easily eat it without any hard work.


  1. Secretary Bird

These birds live in the sub-Saharan African grasslands. They may seem like the dumbest birds in the world due to their strange appearance which comprises long legs and sharp toes.

These attributes provide the benefit to hunt down even noxious snakes. Secretary birds can attack with a force equal to 36.5 pounds in 15 milliseconds. The quick and powerful attacking force stuns the prey and the bird escapes without getting bit by the snake.


  1. Komodo Dragon 

The biggest member of the lizard family may look dangerous and scary. But some of their strategies and habits are quite dumb. They are known for having E. coli, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus & Pasteurella bacteria-filled mouths amongst animals in the world.

They can open their mouth extremely wide for biting their prey. After that they start following the wounded prey for days until it dies. Komodo dragons are also famous for their habit of overeating.

Many studies show that the Komodo dragon can eat almost 80% of the total body weight. When they sense the danger of other predators komodo dragons can empty their stomachs by vomiting the excess content.

This allows them to run faster and save their lives. The undigested meal serves as an option for a predator to eat it instead of a komodo dragon.

dumbest animal in the world


  1. Kakapo

Kakapo is also called parrot owl. They live in New Zealand and are an endangered species. Studies show that there are less than 250 kakapos left on the planet.

Kakapo is a flightless bird, when they see a predator they get so scared that they freeze instead of trying to escape.

When it comes to reproducing they have a reputation of being dumb. The male attracts the female by tidying up the area and producing a unique strong call.

It is quite disappointing that the call turns into an echo. The female kakapo gets confused & is unable to detect the correct mating area. It has resulted in the decreasing population of Kakapo.


  1. Flamingos

 It is hard to believe that these beautiful birds are also the dumbest animals in the world.

Just like any other bird they also have two legs but due to some strange reason they only like to use mostly one leg.

Another act of their dumb behavior is sleeping on one leg. The hunting tactics of flamingos are also dumb like the unusual tactic of keeping upside-down beaks in the water.

dumbest animal in the world


  1. Turkey

The bird only drinks water when it is pouring down or falling from the top. Turkeys can perform some very dumb acts. The habit of nonstop staring at the sky even during rainfall.

Well, this is due to a medical hereditary condition known as Tetanic Torticollar Spasm which makes them stare at the sky continuously even rain cannot distract them from this activity.

The dumbness of this bird is on another level as the male turkey can have extreme sex drives which even can engage them in sex with a dead female turkey.


  1. Killdeer

If any bird can perform dumb behavior then it should be killdeer. Killdeer makes their nests on the ground which gives an open invitation to predators for attacking.

On top of that, the killdeer make a loud screaming noise which draws the predator’s attention towards themselves. When a predator is in front of the killdeer they do another act of dumbness such as suddenly moving up and down rather then escaping.


  1. Horned Lizard

Unlike most lizards, these horned lizards are famous for being lazy. Horned lizards have a spine on the body and have a distinguished appearance. These creatures have a short blunt snout with an overall flat-shaped body. Most of the time horned lizards are lazy to do anything in the desert.

Even for food, they wait for ants to roam around near them until they catch and eat them. Despite, having these lazy traits horned lizards have a special ability to shoot blood from the corner of their eyes when they feel threatened.

The small duct shoots horrible tasting blood on the predators such as coyotes, dogs, and wolves. Horned lizards also can trick predators by a puffed-up body which seems like a prickly balloon to scare away predators.


12 . Koala

They have a small brain-to-body ratio. Koalas are found in southeastern & eastern Australia. They have a poor sense of health. Koalas have four stomachs to digest eucalyptus leaves which is their favorite food. These animals have the habit of not being able to identify food. Koalas can eat almost 1kg in a day.


idiotic animal in the world


13. Lilac Breasted Roller

 It is one of the dumbest animals in the world. This is due to its likeliness to high branches. The behavior of this bird is very unusual when it comes to safety. The Lilac-breasted roller does not try to escape from poachers or predators even when they come close.

14. Northern Fulmar Chicks 

These birds are dumb due to their strange habits such as the female-only comes to land to lay eggs & feed its babies.

Even though being the dumbest animals. These birds have hidden defense tactics. Northern fulmar chicks can vomit a stale oil produced from their stomach known as proventriculus. The oil prevents the predator from flying as it sticks in their body.

15. Norwegian Lemmings 

It belongs to the Circetidae family of rodents and lives to in the Arctic tundra. These little furry creatures are famous for fighting with bigger animals. This unusual behavior can only be done by the dumbest animal in the world.

They can weigh almost 4.5 lbs and grow up to six inches long. Norwegian lemmings used their strong teeth as a weapon for defense. They have to come in close contact with their predator to be able to bite them.


We hope these animals and their dumb behavior have certainly helped you in understanding their nature. These animals have definitely redefined the meaning of dumb. Let’s hope maybe someday we can understand the logic behind their dumb behavior.

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