Which Pet Animals are Legal in India

Which Pets are Legal in India?

Every pet owner knows it, pets are great for cheering one’s mood and temperament. As you know, animals have been good friends and companions to humans. There are people who even treat wild animals as pets. Every pet owner must know which pet animals are legal in India.

Animal poaching, illegal smuggling, and other reasons have wiped various species from the face of the earth. Due to which some species come under the endangered species category. As a result of all this, animal laws were made to stop such cruelty.

Because of these laws, there are certain animals that are illegal to keep as pets. You cannot keep these pets in your home and if you do you can face some serious charges. You might have to pay a hefty amount as a fine or you can even go to jail.

But there are some legal pet animals in India which you can keep in your home. Earlier cats and dogs were the only ones who ruled the pet list. But here’s the truth about cats and dogs-they are no longer the only pets people want to keep. Nowadays exotic animals have become a phraseology when it comes to having pets. In high societies, pets even define one’s status symbol in today’s time.

From white mice to parakeets, guinea pigs to horses, Indians are now interested in selecting the more out-of-the-ordinary options.

Some Legal Pet Animals in India

Let us know about the legal pet animals in India you can keep without breaking any laws or rules.

  • Horsing around

It is obvious, if you see vast fields, well-cared lawns, and well-maintained roads, horses will be the first choice you’ll want as a pet. The miniature horse or Flabella is one of the smallest and rarest horses globally.

The horses are traditionally measured with one-handed units but these horses are measured with eight-handed units. Which means they are just 32 inches taller than Irish Setter or Great Dane.

  • Cats

In the last few years, Indians have started showing interest in some specific breeds of cats. But before buying one, search properly for information about cats. Keeping the exotic breed of cat is a trend nowadays and Siamese and Persian cats are one of them.

They cannot survive on the streets like stray cats as they are only bred for being pets. Because of it they have no survival instinct and could be lost completely. If given proper health care and a favorable environment, they can live from 25 to 30 years of age. Their diet supplements are also costly and can range up to Rs 1000 up to 2 kg.

  • Birds of a Feather

Most people prefer to keep birds as pets because you do not need to take them for a walk like cats and dogs. Such people think that all a bird could want is a cage and food. But this is not true. Birds need extra and special care.

Along with parrots, you can also keep cockatoos as they are easy to take care of. But experts suggest keeping them in pairs as it is good for them and improves their chance of survival.

So, if you decide to keep one, you need to know what to feed a baby bird? because stale food and bird droppings in the cage result in the formation of fungi. It is harmful and leads to diseases that can cause your bird to drop dead. That is why you should know how to look after a baby bird.

If you are wondering what to feed a bird? A mixture of different seeds and fruits is ideal for them as it is a part of their diet in nature.

  •  Getting Fishy

If you are into marine life, love the beautiful colors of the coral reefs, you’ll love fish. There are many facts about sea animals which you don’t know. But there are many exotic saltwater fishes and freshwater fishes to choose from. Which will make your home and your life colorful, if you keep them as pets.

There is the inflorescence, a fish with a bump on its head and shiny in color. A single can cost Rs 150 and an adult can cost up to Rs 25000. Korean Angel, Clownfish, fox face, and remora are some of the exotic ones you can keep as pets. The aquarium for these fishes is made by salinizing the water with synthetic salt. It requires consistent monitoring of pH levels and nitrogen.

Now, there are fishes that require less maintenance and they are called freshwater fishes. For them, you do not need to salinize the water. Some of them are gourami, koi carp, tetra, sucker, angelfish, etc.

  • Worth a Guinea

If you have a small home or travel a lot, it is not easy to keep a pet. In this case dogs and cats are hard to take care of. But there is one pet which you can keep. It is small in size, takes less space, and is very affectionate. A guinea pig is the best option. They do not need much upkeep. You can give them raw vegetables e.g., tomato, radish, cucumber, etc.

  • Stuart Little

White mice are one of the pets which you rarely find in homes. Not many people are rodent-loving. But white mice are also considered good luck in Hindu traditions. They are loving and affectionate in nature. So, you can keep them as pets if you want.

  • Dogs

It is obvious that dog is in the list of legal pets in India. But they are highly active and energetic, so you need to give them space. An area to play with, taking them for a walk, etc.

So, if you have space and you want exotic species which are legal pet animals in India you can have these dogs. Gull dong, kumaon mastiff, Sinhala hound, Mahratta greyhound, kombai, tangkhul hui, etc.

Not many people are familiar with this breed of dog “criollo”. Criollo is a Labrador brown in color, a rare variety. It is smaller in size as compared to a normal Labrador. It is suitable for homes with less space and especially if your children only want a dog as a pet.


Everyone wants to have a loving pet, but some people like to keep exotic pets. Since there is no direct list, before you buy such rare animals, you must check about the legal pet animals in India.

Illegal animals are brought and sold by unfair means, so it is hard to find people who can properly guide you to take care of them.

Most important of all you can face some prison time. So, it is vital to follow the law and to be compassionate for pets. Hence, it is wise to choose an animal first, check if it is one of the legal pet animals in India, then buy and raise it.


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