World Animal Day 2021: History and Celebration

World Animal Day 2021

Animals play a vital role in our life and our environment. They mean different things to different people. There are times when animals are mistreated. So, keeping their welfare in mind, world animal day 2021 is dedicated to all animals around the world.

But for some people, they are a companion and for others a way of earning bread for the family. World Animal Day is commemorated to symbolize the value of animal rights and the welfare of the animals.

It is devoted to not just domestic animals or house pets but to all animals including wild animals, endangered species. Many organizations, schools, animal welfare groups, charitable trusts, etc. come together with a lot of joy to celebrate this day.

Now this year World Animal Day 2021 is the time for all animal lovers to show their love and compassion.  So, this is the day when you give voice to the concerns that the animals face. On, this World Animal Day 2021 October 4 let’s plan to make a big roar!!

Revising the History-World Animal Day

World Animal Day was an initiative taken by cynologist Heinrich Zimmermann to uplift animals’ reputations and upgrade welfare standards around the globe.

The first celebration of World Animal Day took place in Berlin, Germany on 24th October 1925. More than 5000 people attended this event.

The goal was to celebrate on October 4th, which is also popular as the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi the patron saint of animals. But, the venue was not available on that day. The first-time event was celebrated on 4th October in 1929.

World Animal Day was unanimously accepted and adopted as a resolution in May 1931.  So, now it is a theatre for ecologists to talk about problems associated with endangered species.

This day is a reminder to appreciate and respect all living organisms be it wild or domestic. Its goal is to protect the animals threatened by lack of protection or environmental devastation. So, this World Animal Day 2021 we shall take a step further for all the animals’ well-being.

World Animal Day Timeline

Time and again, people have come forward giving different ideas to save animals. Some of them are:

  • Going Greek (530BCE)—Greek philosopher Pythagoras is one of the several Greek and Roman philosophers who promoted vegetarianism. He idealized the thought of animals having souls.
  • Early Vegan (1624)- “Moral Inquiries on the Situation of Man and Brutes” written by early vegan Lewis Gompertz is one of the first books promoting animal rights.
  • Power of Literature (1877)– Written by Anna Seawell “Black Beauty” is the first novel from the perspective of non-human.
  • Animal Victory (1931)- The International Animal Protection Congress in Florence Italy unanimously accepts and adopts World Animal Day globally.
  • SAPL Makes Waves (1955)-(SAPL) is the first organization that crusades for humane slaughter legislation in the U.S.

Why Celebrate World Animal Day?

Throughout the years, social movements like World Animal Day have always been a major day. It is the way for the general public’s participation in fighting for social justice and reform. These social movements challenge injustice which helps in passing major laws.

Proving, that social movements work when support and momentum are present. This is important because animals being sentient beings deserve social justice and respect.

Why World Animal Day is Important?

  1. Preserving the Ecosystem

    Every Ecosystem is vital and extremely fragile. If even one of the species exits because of any reason, it disturbs the entire chain. The aftermath has serious consequences.

    So by celebrating World Animal Day, we escalate awareness about the importance of maintaining a balanced ecosystem. This ensures the livelihood of people and the health & care of animals.

  2. It Unites us All

    The mission of celebrating World Animal Day is uniting all humans to improve the lives of animals. This means despite being of different religions, nationalities, or political ideology people are welcome to make a difference. The ultimate goal is to work for the betterment of animals and recognize them as sentient beings.

  1. It’s Been a Success

    World Animal day has seen great success over the years, improving the lives of animals. In Sudan, a new law introduced by parliament to protect animals. In Egypt, World Animal Day led the Egyptian constitution to give additional clauses offering rights to animals.

How Can You Observe World Animal Day 2021?

  1. Get Involved

    If you don’t know how to be a part of this movement? Be a part of the events and activities taking place on October 4. Collect information about any event for animals on this day and get involved.

  1. Adopt a Pet

    Adopt-a-thons is a common event in many cities on World Animal Day. You can share stories with fellow pet owners, learn about pet ownership and care in this type of event. You can even buy toys and products at these events.

  2. Join Peaceful Protest

    Peaceful protest is common during World Animal Day on October 4th. Common issues include bullfighting, better treatment of agricultural livestock, poaching elephants, and other wildlife.

Events in World Animal Day 2021

  • Pet adoption &shelter open day’s events
  • Educational &awareness events
  • Workshops & conferences
  • Animal blessing services
  • Workshops to educate owners of working animals
  • Rabies prevention awareness and vaccination
  • Fundraising events such as sponsored walks through gala balls and concerts.
  • Neuter and spay marathons and veterinary treatments camps.
  • School events to educate the kids such as animal-related competitions, concerts, and film shows
  • TV and radio interviews to raise awareness for World Animal Day and animal issues.
  • Either encouraging governments to introduce animal protection laws or raising awareness for specific animal welfare. You can join a peaceful protest march

Animals are a part of our lives and will always be. Some of them even have been favorite characters of our childhood stories. This year we complete 92 years celebrating the journey of World Animal Day.

This one-day event allows us to unite, so we must raise our voices to spread awareness for the precious lives of animals. They do not have a voice of their own so we have to raise our voices to improve their living conditions.




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