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Breeds of Pigs | Types of Pigs

Understanding Breeds of Pigs

Today we will share information about Breeds of Pigs. If someone asks you which is the dirtiest animal, what will be your reply? The majority of people say pigs. But to some people, pigs are like any other domestic animal. 

Raising Pigs

Pigs are mammals that belong to the Suidae family. It is also known as a hog or swine. The male pig is called boar and a female pig is called a sow. Pigs are both wild and domestic. In Britain, the domestic pig is called swine whereas in the US pigs refer to younger swine which is not ready for market.

The pig is an omnivorous mammal that is short-legged and stout-bodied. its skin is sparsely coated with short bristles. It has four digits, two functional and two non-functional. A pig’s snout contains the highest density of tactile receptors as result, a pig’s sense of smell is 2000 times higher than humans. It is unbelievably social.

Pigs form close bonds with each other. Different breeds of pigs are one of those animals which are found all over the globe. They are raised all over the world providing products like leather, lard, glue, pork and a variety of medicines. United States pig is classified as meat-type pig as it produces more meat than lard, (fat used in cooking).

Wild Pigs

As we know pigs are both wild and domestic, but there is little difference between them. The tusk-like teeth of the wild pigs are more prominent as compared to domestic pigs. The tusks help the wild pigs to dig for roots and also acts as a defence weapon if time demands. Wild pigs eat fruits to rodents, leaves, and roots as a part of their diet. The wild pig has an average life span of 25 years or more.

Domestic Pigs

Domestic breeds of pigs are categorized into three types: large-framed lard types which have thick fat layers and weigh at least 100 kg; small bacon types, with carcasses about 70 kg; and pork types with carcasses about 45 kg. Farm-raised or domestic pigs eat meals comprise of barley and corn. The baby pig is called a piglet. The sow nurses the piglet till the age of about 3 to 5 weeks.

The piglets who weaned off their mother’s milk are referred as shoats. At the time of birth, a piglet weighs around 2.5 pounds, which doubles within one week of birth. Piglet has very poor eyesight but a great sense of smell. Pigs are smart! given that their intelligence is higher than a dog and some primates.

Breeds of Pigs

Some of the famous breeds of pigs along with the areas where they reside, and their characteristics:

  • Duroc or Duroc-jersey

Duroc Jersey Pig is one of the breeds of pigs that produce lard. It is native to North and South America. It is medium in length, and the colour may vary from gold-red to dark red.

  • Hampshire

Hampshire is famous for its meat. It is a native of the U.S. they are of medium weight with a long body. It usually has black-white forelegs and shoulders. They are more active as compared to other breeds and are a very good grazer.

  • Landrace

This breed of pig lives in northern and central Europe and some parts of the U.S. It gives meat mainly bacon. It is medium in size and is white in colour with some black spots.

  • Spotted

As the name implies this breed of pigs has black and white spots all over their bodies. It is the resident of U.S. It give good quality pork and is get a nickname spots.

  • Yorkshire

This is the most common breed of pig available worldwide and is ideal for meat(bacon) production. It is usually white in colour sometimes with dark areas. The sows of this breed are prolific.

  • Berkshire

This is the most recorded breed of swine in the U.S and is popular for its fast and efficient growth, reproductive efficiency. It is valuable and provide flavourful meat

  • Chester White

It is located in Chester County, Pa that is where it get its name. It is famous for its mothering ability, durability, and soundness.

  • Poland China

These hogs originated in the early 1800s in Ohio. This breed is popular for its large frame, leanness and muscle, and length of the body. They gain weight rapidly under good care and management.

  • Hereford

This is a cross-breed between white and red-blooded Duroc, Chester’s, and OIC’s and a peculiar strain on graft. The first hog of this kind originated on the farm in La Plata Missouri.

  • Mulefoot

Because its solid hoof resembles a mule this pig gets such a name. They are mainly black in colour with occasionally white points and medium flop ears with a soft hair coat.

  • Red Wattle

These hogs come from New Caledonia, a French Island in South Pacific by Australia. They are similar to Duroc in appearance. It gives meat and is very gentle in nature.

  • Tamworth

 Popularly known as “The Irish Grazer” Tamworth originated in Ireland. It gives bacon. It is mostly brownish in color.


Pig, often known as a dirty animal as the majority of people think, and prefer other animals as pets or companions. But because of the habit of rolling in mud, it gets its reputation as a filthy animal. Despite the habit of laying in the mud, pigs are not dirty animals.

They are much more comfortable in colder temperatures than heat. Pigs do not have any sweat glands because of which they enjoy being in mud to maintain their body temperature in high heat. They also have excellent memories of remembering objects and things for years.

They communicate in the form of grunting with each other. Most of the time pigs get the wrong perception because of their behavior and way of living. Different experiments and studies, prove that it is a highly intelligent animal, so it deserves a chance to get respect like other animals.

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