Facts about domestic animals

In general terms, an animal that has been tamed and kept with humans as their helper is termed as domestic animals. It does not mean that all animals can be domesticated rather there are some species of animals that can be domesticated such as cow, goat, horse, etc.

Domestic animals are used for human purposes such as milk, food, riding, agriculture, drawing carts, carrying loads, etc. Domestic animals help us in various ways making our like a bit easy.

We treat domestic animals as our family member. We connect through a strong bond with our domestic animals whether it is a horse, cow, chicken or goat, etc.

We all have an overview of these domestic animals but there is a lot more to know about them. Here you will get to know some of the interesting facts about domestic animals.

Common breeds of domestic animals

  • Goat

  • Cow

  • Cattle

  • Duck

  • Sheep

  • Chicken

  • Horse

  • Pig

  • Donkey

  • Goose

Some interesting facts about domestic animals

There are different species of animals that come under the category of domestic animals. These animals have different characteristic features and interesting facts about themselves. 

Following are the interesting facts about common domestic animals –

  • Interesting facts about cows/cattle

  • Cows are quite similar to humans in terms of developing strong bonds with their companions. Cows like to spend most of their time with their companions.

  • Cattle have an interesting fact about their vision i.e. they have an approximate 360-Degree panoramic vision. This is one of the most amazing facts about domestic animals like cattle?

  • Cows have a great sense of storm. They lie down as a reaction before a storm.

  • Cows have very strong smelling sense, they can detect it from far away up to 5-6 miles.

  • Cows also react to their names given by their owners like other domestic animals such as the dog.

  • Interesting facts about goats

  • It is believed that a goat is the first animal domesticated for human purposes.

  • Goats have a very strong vision in dark due to their rectangular pupils in their eyes.

  • Do you know that the front jaws of goats are teeth less? Despite having front teeth they use their strong palate to grind their food for easy digestion.

  • Goats are very good companions not only with their herd members but also with other domestic animals such as cows, horses, chicken, etc.

  • The goat is quite selective in terms of its diet as it is a clean animal as compared to other domestic animals like dogs, sheep, cows, etc.

  • Goats consume a variety of plants. Goats do not prefer to consume contaminated food sources and also avoid eating food kept on the floor.

  • You might not be aware that goat is quite intelligent domestic animals. They are a very good swimmer, some wild breeds of goats can also climb trees and they can also walk along ledge like a skilled circus performer.

  • The horns of a goat keep on growing through its entire life-span.

  • Interesting facts about sheep

  • Sheep communicate with its baby lamp through a bleating sound.

  • Sheep also use their palate for smooth chewing of food similarly like goats.

  • A mature female sheep or ewe can produce fresh wool up to 7-10 pounds annually.

  • Have you seen an animal having two toes in each foot? Well, sheep is an animal that has two toes in each foot. This is one of a kind of amazing facts about domestic animals.

  • Sheep have a very strong bond with other members of a flock. They can recognize each member of its flock even if separated & met after many years.

  • Interesting facts about horse

  • A horse can sleep either lying down or in standing posture as well.

  • A baby horse starts running very soon after its birth.

  • Horses have an exceptional vision power. A horse has nearly 360-degree vision as it has its eyes on the sides of its head.

  • A domestic horse can live up to 25 years of age.

  • Horses have a lesser number of bones (205 bones) as compare to humans.

  • A horse drinks a lot of water in a day up to 25 gallons. That is why horses are often termed as a thirsty animal.

  • Interesting facts about pigs

  • Have you seen a pig sitting in mud and enjoying rolling in it? Do you know why do pigs do so? As pigs do not have sweat gland hence they cool themselves through rolling up in the mud. It also helps to prevent them from sunburn.

  • A pig may seem quite lethargic but it can run up to 11 miles per hour.

  • Pigs have more than 20 different sounds they use to communicate with each other.

  • Pigs like to spend most of their time resting in a day.

  • The piglets are quite naughty and they enjoy playing with their mates all day.

  • Being stereotype is an important characteristic feature of pigs.

  • Interesting facts about donkeys

  • Donkey is a strong domestic animal, hence we use it for carrying loads.

  • A donkey looks quite similar to a horse but is smaller in size than a horse.

  • Stubbornness is an interesting fact about this domestic animal. You cannot force a donkey to do something as per your interest.

  • Interesting facts about chicken/duck/goose

  • Duck is a bird but loves to swim. Ducks have god gifted waterproof feathers that do not get wet when they swim. The feathers have an outer covering to protect their feathers from water.

  • There is a special gland found in ducks near their tail that secretes oil providing outer cover for its feathers.

  • A goose is a monogamous animal with characteristic features. Due to this characteristic feature, they mate for life and even mourn after the death of its partner.

  • Do you know chickens have almost 200 sounds to communicate with each other in different situations?

  • Most of us have seen only white colour egg of chickens but there are some breeds of chickens that have blue or green colour eggs. For example- Ameraucana & Araucana breeds.

  • We use water for washing but chicken use dust for washing and then they use their beaks for cleaning their feathers.

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