How to raise a puppy while working full time?

How to raise a puppy while working full time?

Raising a puppy with a full-time job is challenging, but by knowing some useful tips and tricks, you can master it. Pets are adorable, and like humans, they also need some care and love, especially in the time of growing up. So, the first few months of your pup’s life will not be comfortable without you.

Some people assume that taking care of a puppy while working is impossible. However, the fact is most of the people nowadays working with a full-time job. Still, they successfully raise a puppy into an adult dog. The matter is not that you are working full time; the issue is you don’t know how to take care of a puppy while at work.

 Lots of hurdles are there because you can’t stay all the time with your lovable pup. Still, if you can find some alternatives, then the process would be more straightforward. After all, you just need to care and train a puppy into a healthy lifestyle, and like humans, they also adopt those routines, and then you don’t need to be bothered about.

What are those ways by which raising a puppy with a full-time job will be more comfortable? Read the complete article; you will get all of your answers.

Things you must buy before raising a puppy with a full-time job.

Before we move forward, let me tell you a list of essential things to buy, so that the process facilitates.

  1. A crate

Thinking of the space for your little pooch is the foremost thing, and then your mind gives signals for buying a crate. Yes, crate training is crucial while you are not at home or for at least some weeks to avoid hazards.

Crating him is not rude because this is for a safety purpose, but if you cramp him for a more extended period, it will pressurize your pup’s mind. After all, the little pooch is super curious, and they love to wander around different kinds of stuff.

While buying a crate, keep some crucial points in mind. First of all, the size of the crate shouldn’t be so big nor too small, choose the perfect size for your puppy. Next, see there is enough space or not for the useful things your pup needs when you are absent.

  1. Engaging but safe toys

As a puppy parent, it’s your responsibility to keep your little one happy, even if you are not there. Working full-time means there are high chances your puppy will be bored, and boredom is not suitable for your pup’s health.

Most people consider buying useful and engaging toys from Kong. In our opinion, these toys are effective in keeping them curious and excited for a more extended period. Think of buying some chew toys and stuff them with butter, kibbles, or something like that. It will make them happy for a few hours without you.

  1. Puppy Pad

When you consider a specific place for your pup, which may be a crate or a little room at your home, you should keep a pad and train your puppy to do potty or pee there. Therefore, it’s essential to buy a puppy pad to avoid such accidents.

  1. Soft bed with a blanket

A soft and smooth bed that will give your pooch bundles of comfort is essential to buy. Because when he is tired of playing and playing, he may wander for a relaxing place to sleep.

  1. Food and water serving utensils

These are the must-have things to serve food and water inside the crate or outside. So, you should buy good bowls for your puppy.

How to raise a puppy while working full time?

Yep! Now you are entirely ready to learn the manner of raising a puppy with a full-time job. Below are some useful tips that will help a lot and a lot to take care of a puppy while working. Let’s discover each point carefully.

See if you will get a solution.

The time you decided to adopt or buy a puppy, even if you are working full time, used to think of the solution. If you have a partner or roommate who works from home, you can easily tackle your new guest otherwise, if both of you are working full time at the office then think of other alternatives.

Play before you go to the office so that he will remain there during your visit. And it’s not recommended to keep your pup lonely for more than 4 hours. So, try to ask your boss and take an extended lunch break.

You and your partner can consider taking alternative lunch breaks to fill your pup’s active time.  Besides, request your boss to work from home for a few weeks until you train your little pooch or ask and make arrangements to carry your puppy with you to the office. But be careful, he will not bother anyone.

Create a safe space for your puppy

For the first few weeks, you should ask someone for help. This is because you don’t know how to take care of a puppy while at work. In that period, learn the tactics of raising a puppy with a full-time job by reading or taking online coaching or taking advice from a friend or an expert you already know. 

And the first thing that comes is to make your place puppy proof to avoid unwanted accidents. Keep toxic things or plants away. Confine him within a room and make him prepared. In other ways, prepare your place and your pup to be safe when you are out.

Confined him but in the limit

During the work hours, you can confine your new baby within a puppy pan or crate.  A safe place for your little one has a small bed, and a cute toilet is present. It’s more reliable for raising a puppy with a full-time job.  Train your puppy to poop and pee inside the pad only.

Keep lots of toys with him in the pan so that he can enjoy it during your absence. If you want to train your puppy within the crate, then buy the perfect one.

Similar to a pan, keep some attractive toys, so that they will not miss you and also a comfortable bed for relaxation. 

You can train Your pup to live inside the crate by hiding rewards and his favourite toys. Also, make him comfortable in the crate by feeding him inside. Teach and praise them for remaining calm.  Go away to another room and see what he is doing, and if he remains quiet, reward him with praise.  

Like you observe his behaviour, he can also monitor the excellent response and will act accordingly. 

In this way, he will train to control his bladder for a longer time inside the crate. 

Ask your neighbour or friends for help during work hours.

Crate training should be done when you’re at home, and after he trained, you can crate him during work hours. 

So, what will you do during the initial days?  You should ask your neighbour or a friend or both to keep your little one for a few hours when you are not there. 

You can do this alternatively with your 2-3 neighbours or friends.  Give some gifts, treats, to that person and appreciate good work.  It should be better if you ask a friend having experience with Pets, especially dogs. 

Hire a dog or pet sitter

The people who don’t rely on any of their friends or neighbours, they can hire a pet sitter or walker for taking care of your puppy when you are out.  I know this is not going to be free, but giving your puppy to someone who can train him to be a good dog is priceless.

Search for the best puppy Sitter in your locality who can train, walk, feed, and play with your little pooch when you are at the office. Price may vary according to the place but choose carefully by collecting all information on him or her. 

Seek the best pet care centre in your locality

Another option for raising a puppy with a full-time job is looking for a daycare centre for puppies. If the above two methods do not work, consider doing it. 

In the daycare centre, the caretakers are well experienced, and your puppy will get lots of facilities, for example playing with toys, caretakers, or other similar aged puppies.  They will provide all possible care, such as food, vaccines, and also required training.

For taking care of a puppy while working, first state the activities and behaviours of the caretakers, whether they are perfect for your little one.

Fit a camera to monitor his activities

Whether you are working at home or the office, you should equip the space of your pup with single or multiple cameras to check his activities from the office. This way, you can practice theme solitude for the coming days.

Installing cameras in different areas of your home can also help you if you hired someone to take care of your puppy at your home. Either you keep your puppy in a crate, a pan, or a small room, you can check if he is safe or not directly in each case.

Spend quality time with your puppy when you are at home

Whatever step you take during the work period, it is essential to spend quality time when you are at home. Go for a walk with your little pup in the morning or evening. Play for a more extended period on holidays and weekends. 

Consider playing exciting games like fetch and find some mind-blowing outdoor activities for keeping your little pooch healthy and happy. Explore his sensation by hiding foods in different places. 

This time is also great for your pup’s training with you. Firstly, Train him for confinement and to control his bladder for longer. If he behaves well, rewards some dry foods and praise. If they have an accident, don’t be so rude and never punish him. Make him understand smoothly.

Also, the holidays are great for removing the anxiety of separation. When you are not near, your pup may bark, scream or howl and that time make him calm and tell that you’re near and repeat the process if he grows quite quickly reward.

Make a routine and be consistent.

Well said by a famous political columnist Peggy Noonan – “Part of courage is simple consistently.” Whatever you do in your life, all become useless if you fail to be consistent.

Therefore, make a routine for your pup and be consistent in that for at least a few weeks until they raise into an intelligent and calm adult dog. Then they can do their work without the help of others.

Set up some backup plans for exceptions

Figure out everything, what you will do, and when you will do and for how many days.

After that, make a smart plan with small achievable goals. Think of possible hurdles and find alternatives. It becomes easier to succeed in a work when you planned everything, even the days of exceptions.

Not only a single, but there are several problems in raising a puppy with a full-time job. But this is true, “If There’s a Problem — There’s a solution,” and thus, you can defeat the problem of taking care of a puppy while working by thinking of the possible obstacles and finding the feasible alternatives.

After all, pets are like small and cute babies, and becoming a pup parent will make you more responsible for providing them lots of love, care, attention, and lots of lessons, for being grown up stronger and wiser.

All the above tips work perfectly for raising a puppy with a full-time job. So, if you have any other difficulties besides, I mentioned here, comment down below. I hope this article is helpful to you in your busy life, and for more such articles, stay connected.

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