How to raise a pet

Having a pet is a wonderful experience like we have another family member. Pets also need attention and care as we do for our family members.

Different people have different choices for pets. Most people like to have a dog as their pet but some people prefer other pets like rabbits, ducks, chicken, etc.

Whatever is your preference to choose a pet depends on you but you need to collect some information about how to raise a pet.

Having a dog as a pet animal is quite common and most people know how to raise a dog but here we will concentrate on raising other pets like a duck, rabbit, etc.

Here you can find out some helpful information whether you want to raise a duck, rabbit or chicken. It will help you to do the necessary preparation before you get your loving pet at home.

How tough is to raise a duck or duckling as a pet?

Do you like a duck and want to have it as your pet? Well, ducks can be an intelligent pet if raised & trained properly. To start raising your pet you should know “how to raise a pet duck”. Here are a few tips that will help you to raise your pet duck.

  • Start with a baby duckling

How to raise a duckling as a pet? It is always easy to raise a baby duckling as compared to an adult duck. Housing is very important for any pet. You can place a big storage box to shelter them.

A baby duckling needs warmth, hence you should place a heat lamp to provide it proper warmth. Take proper care of its diet.

You can buy duck food from the market or you can provide homemade food to your baby duckling. You can give them finely chopped green veggies.

Swimming is also an important part of raising a baby duckling. Arrange a small tub for your duckling to enjoy swimming.

  • Shelter for an adult duck

As duck is an outdoor pet, it usually roams around in day time and comes back to its home at night to sleep. Making a shelter for your pet duck is not a big deal.

You just need to do some basic preparation. You can make kennel type housing using hay for bedding for your pet duck. Make sure to put a door in the house to protect your ducks from predators.

  • Get your feathery soft companion to home

There is a different breed of duck available that will make it a good pet. You can check with your local duck breeder what all varieties he has and then decide on which one to get home.

You should prefer to get multiple ducks instead of just having one duck. As it is a social animal, they like to live in a flock.

  • Food and drink supply for your pet duck

Food supply is quite easy for this pet as compared to other pets. Ducks mostly eat grass & insects. As ducks are likely to roam around in the day, it will help to make your yard free from bugs or insects.

However, you can supply them with some green vegetables and fruits as a treat. You can also feed your ducks the proper duck pellets good for their health.

As far as the water supply is concerned, you need to supply a lot of water not only to drink but for swimming as well.

Place two or three water bowls in your yard so that ducks can drink water when they want to. For swimming, you can do the same arrangements as you did for the baby duckling.

Make sure this time you use comparatively a big sized tub because now the baby duckling has become an adult.

  • Social training for your pet ducks

How to raise a pet duck to be social? Well, any pet needs your attention. You need to spend some time with your pet ducks to gain loyalty and friendly behaviour from them.

Do not just leave them lonely, it will turn them into an aggressive pet. Spending time with your pet duck becomes more important if you have only one pet duck.

That is why you should prefer to have more than one duck then it will not affect them too much even if you have limited time to spend with them.

How can you train a pet rabbit?

Rabbits are such as an acute small sized animal. Many people love to have rabbits as their pet but it has to be taken care of properly. You need to do little homework on how to raise a pet rabbit. Make your home a safe place for your pet rabbit.

  • Set a cozy home indoor

  • It is better to keep your pet rabbit indoor. It protects your pet from harsh weather conditions outside. You can buy a spacious cage for your rabbit and place it indoor. Make sure the cage is comfortable for your pet.

  • A healthy diet is important

Rabbit is a herbivorous animal. It eats vegetables, fresh grass, hay, etc. Also, take care of the water intake of your rabbit which is equally important to protect it against dehydration.

  • Maintain the hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is not only important for your rabbit’s health but also minimizes the risk of awful odour from your house inside. This is why you should clean your rabbit’s cage regularly.

One interesting fact about the rabbit is that it is a coprophagic animal which means that it eats its cecotropes dropping. Rabbits do so for proper absorption & digestion of nutrients available in its cecotropes droppings.

  • Groom your pet rabbit regularly

How to raise a pet rabbit? Well, healthy food, a comfortable home, etc. is not enough to raise a rabbit. Raising a rabbit also needs regular grooming.

Do not forget to brush your rabbit at least once a week. Also, trim the nails of your rabbit at regular intervals. Rabbits do not like to take bath hence avoid bathing your pet rabbit. It may cause unwanted trauma in your rabbit.

  • Spend some time with your pet rabbit

You should spend some time with your rabbit to have a close companionship. You can provide some toys for your rabbit. You can also play with it.

Always be gentle with your rabbit so that it can feel comfortable with you. Regular medical care is equally important for your pet rabbit. It helps to take good care of your rabbit.

How can I raise a pet chicken?

What comes to your mind when you think about chicken? A yummy dish served in your plate! most of the people think in this way about chicken.

Well, chicken is not only an ingredient to make a delicious dish but it can also be your companion. Chicken can be as loyal as other pets. You get equal love and affection from your pet chicken as you care for it.

Do you want to have a chicken as your companion then you should know how to raise pet chicken? You can follow these tips to raise your pet chicken.

  • Choose a pet chick

You can choose hatchlings as per your choice from a local hatchery or a feed store. A different breed of chicken provides the different types of eggs with different colours & sizes.

Whatever breed you choose, get some information about that breed such as climate required, healthy diet, etc. It will help you to raise your chicken much faster & easier.

  • Provide your pet chicks a comfortable home

Baby chicks require warmth as their feathers are not yet developed. You need to arrange shelter for the little chicks to provide proper warmth. You can arrange cardboard as a home for your chicks for a comfortable stay.

Make sure to maintain the hygiene inside the cardboard to avoid unnecessary mess. After a few weeks, you can shift the chicks to crate as they have become an adult now.

  • Provide your chicken with a coop

Once your chicks develop feather and become an adult, you can shift them to a coop. Make sure the size of the coop should be accurate for a comfortable stay for your chicken. Arrange proper bedding with straw, etc. to feel it warmth at night.

  • Provide your pet chicken proper diet

A healthy diet is very important to raise your pet chicken. You can buy proper chick food from any local feed store or can order online as well.

Apart from this, you can also feed fruits, cereals, grains, etc. to your chicken. A healthy diet will effectively improve the health and productivity of your chicken.

  • Get your bonus

Chicken is a kind of pet that not only accompanies you but it is quite productive at the same time. When a chicken attains into maturity (up to 6 months of age), it starts laying an egg a day.

You can also train a chicken to be social that has spent its childhood with you. It will start reacting to your commands and slowly become a very good companion.

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